Single Line Progressive Systems

Commonly used for proportionate metering and distribution of lubricants on small and medium size machines, these systems can accommodate a maximum of 144 points. The unique feature of self-monitoring of the system is derived from the progressive distribution concept.

LINCOLN Single Line Progressive Lubrication Systems primarily consist of:

- A Pump with integral reservoir
- Lubricant Filter and Safety Valve
- Appropriate Progressive Metering Devices / Distributors
- Integrated/External Electronic Control Unit (Timer)
- Appropriate Tubing, Fittings and Accessories.

The modular design and the wide range of LINCOLN products enable optimum designing of the lubrication systems best suited to your requirement.

During the operation cycle, the pre-set quantity of lubricant is pumped to the progressive metering devices, which in turn deliver the pre-set quantities of the lubricant to the connected lubrication points in the progressive manner. The sequence of operation can be controlled an electronic control unit (Timer). The progressive distribution enables single point monitoring of the system operation.

* Economical system monitoring due to progressive design of the system. 
* Range of models of pumps and progressive metering devices to meet 
  individual requirements.  Availability of 12V / 24V motor operated 
  pumps makes it ideal choice for mobile equipment / commercial vehicles. 
* Options of visual / electrical monitoring  with limit switch / proximity switch.
* Modular design enables economical and optimum system design.
* Virtually maintenance free. 
Earthmoving & Mining Dumpers, Excavators, Material Handling Equipment.
Automobiles Chassis Lubrication.
Machine Tools Presses, Bending Machines, Injection Moulding Machines, General Process Machines.