Single Line Parallel Systems

Available in high pressure and low-pressure versions. Our well-known Centromatic system is used where bearing back pressure is high, loads are heavy, adverse conditions like heat, dust and grime prevail and the lubrication points need precise quantities of lubricant. The low-pressure single line system is used for cost-effective and reliable lubrication of equipment, which use oil/fluid greases for lubrication of bearings.

LINCOLN Single Line Parallel Lubrication Systems primarily consist of:

- A Pump with either integral reservoir or with grease barrel mounting option
- Air Maintenance Unit
- Appropriate Injector devices
- Electronic Control Unit (Timer)
- Appropriate Tubing, Fittings, Valves and Gauges

The modular design and the wide range of LINCOLN products enable optimum designing of the lubrication systems best suited to your requirement.

During the operation cycle, the pre-set quantity of lubricant is pumped to the various injector devices, which in turn deliver the pre-set quantities of the lubricant to the connected lubrication points. The injector devices are connected in parallel & operate independent of each other. The sequence of operation can be controlled by the electronic control unit (Timer).

* Sturdy design capable of operating  under adverse ambient conditions of
  dirt, moisture, dust, heat etc. 
* Range of models of pumps and injectors to meet different lubricant types 
  & quantity requirements of individual points. 
* System can operate even if individual injectors are out of use. 
* Indication possible in case of improper lubrication. 
* Modular design enables economical and optimum system design. 
* Virtually maintenance free.
Earthmoving & Mining Industry Dumpers, Shovels, Draglines.
Tyre Presses, Calendars.
Glass Individual Section Machines.