Oil Circulating Systems

Oil Circulation Systems are used for lubrication as well as cooling of bearings working in a high temperature environment and for heavy-duty motor driven gearboxes. Roll Coolant Systems are commonly employed for descaling applications for hot & cold rolled plates using the cooling medium as the metastable solution of oil & water.

LINCOLN Oil Circulation / Roll Coolant Systems are custom designed based on individual application requirements and primarily consist of:

Heat Exchangers
Pipes and Fittings
Appropriate instrumentation & electrical controls
Other Special Devices e.g. Magnetic Separators, Accumulators etc.

The fluid is pumped from the reservoir and passed through the filters, heat exchangers and valves to the consumer points. Necessary Control systems comprising valves & instrumentation are installed to suit equipment requirement. The cycle is completed as the fluid flows back to the reservoir after catering to the desired lubrication/ heat removal levels. The automation level is based on the Actual User requirement. Additional equipments are provided to control and monitor special filtration & cleanliness levels of the fluid. The complete cycle can be controlled and monitored centrally and/or hooked up to the Main PLC.

* Customised design to meet the individual application requirement.

Oil Circulation Systems Roll Coolant Systems
Flow Rate 1.2 - 1125 LPM 10 - 6000 LPM
Pressure 2 - 350 kg/ sq. cm 2 - 10.5 kg/ sq. cm
Reservoir 50 - 80000 ltr 50 - 200000 ltr
* Use of quality components procured from vendors of international repute. 
* Manufactured & assembled with state-of-the-art facilities. 
* Approved and recommended by leading consultants and OEMs, both in India 
and abroad. * Complete automation of systems using latest instrumentation / control
devices possible.
Steel Industry GearBoxes of Furnaces, Roller Bearings of Edger & Rougher Mils, Descaling Pumps.
Power Plants Pedestal Bearings/ Roller Bearings, GearBoxes, Breaking & Jacking Systems of Hydrogenerators, Turbines and Large Motors.
Paper Industry Anti Friction Bearings of Felt Rolls, Drying Cylinder, Idle Gears; White Metal Bush Bearing of Applicator Rolls, Calendar Rolls, Pope Reels, Paper Roll.
Cement Industry Pre-Jacking System, Trunion Bearings of Mill, GearBoxes of Support Rollers of Rotary Kiln, VRMs.
Machine Tools Miniature / Compact Systems for Presses, Centrifuges, GearBoxes.
Petrochemicals/ Refineries Turbines & Large Motors, Pumps, Centrifugal Compressors, ID Fan.