Multiline Systems

Are predominantly used for the centralised lubrication of bearings on individual machines or on a small group of machines. The multiline pump units supply lubricant from the integral reservoir, complete with stirrer, to the connected lubricating points, through individual pump elements that are adjustable from 0 to maximum output.

LINCOLN Multiline Lubrication Systems primarily consist of:

- A Pump with integral reservoir and multiple pump elements and optional level controls
- Lubricant filter
- Progressive Distributor Devices
- Electrical Control Panel
- Appropriate Tubing and Fittings.

The modular design and the wide range of LINCOLN products enable optimum designing of the lubrication systems best suited to your requirement.


During the operation cycle, the pre-set quantity of lubricant is pumped to the lubrication points or to the various progressive metering devices via the individual pump elements, which in turn deliver it to the connected lubrication points. The progressive design of the system ensures that positive lubrication of all the connected points in a group can be monitored at a single point. The electrical control panel controls the sequence of operation and the fault indication can be achieved if any of the connected points is not lubricated.

*  Progressive system design ensures positive lubrication of all connected points. 
*  Individual pump elements can work independent of each other and their output
   can be adjusted from zero to maximum - giving the flexibility of designing
   the system to meet different lubrication requirements of different groups of 
lubrication points.
* Capable of monitoring the complete system operation and giving fault indication which can be integrated with the main equipment PLC / Control Panel. * Modular design enables economical and optimum system design. * Virtually maintenance free.
Steel and other Metallurgical Industries

Raw material grinding plants
(In conjunction with LINCOLN Spray Lubrication Systems)

Material Handling Industry Stacker and Reclaimers, Bucket Wheel Excavators, Conveyors, Apron Feeders.
Chemical & Fertiliser Industry Crushers, Calciners. (In conjunction with LINCOLN Spray Lubrication Systems)
Sugar Industry Sugar Mills, Crushers.
Machine Tools Industry Presses, Medium and Large size machines.