Ink Transfer Systems

Commonly used for effective and economical transfer of inks from containers to the application points in printing presses. LINCOLN Ink Transfer Systems offer the opportunity to improve on the manpower productivity and cut down on the wastage of precious inks. Savings can also be realised by bulk buying of inks and having them dispensed in required quantity, at required interval, at the required place

LINCOLN Ink Transfer Systems primarily consist of:

- Pneumatic Pump (Consisting of Air Motor & Pump Tube)
- Pneumatic Hoist 
- Follower Assembly 
- Air Filter-Regulator-Lubricator Unit 
- Suitable Pipes,Hoses & Fittings 
- Ball Vales 
- Optional Ink Level Controls 
The modular design and the wide range of LINCOLN products enable optimum 
designing of the lubrication systems best suited to your requirement.
Lincoln Ink Transfer Pumps are fully pneumatic in operation and as such, no extra 
ON - OFF devices are required i.e. the pump operates whenever the outlet  
valves are open and stops if the outlet is closed. The pump is mounted on a 
pneumatic hoist (elevator) which helps in easy and fast change over of drum 
when the drum is empty and also acts as a primer. The follower assembly  fitted on
to the pump tube wipes the material from the container wall and forces the material
into the pump suction enabling optimum usage of ink in the container. 
* Both Air Motor and Pump Tube have only five moving parts, no metal to metal contact. 
* Modular design enables easy component selection, expansion & servicing.
* Wide range of Pump Tubes and Air motors to meet different output and pressure 
* Can be adapted to fitment on 20kg, 200kg drums or for bulk tanks.
Printing Printing Presses of all sizes