Dual Line Systems

Commonly used for effective and economical metering and distribution of grease lubricants for the lubrication of individual machines & complete installations with upto 1000 lubricating points. Ideal where points span long distances, have high lubrication entry resistance or where sections require individual and automatic lubricant control.

LINCOLN Dual Line Lubrication Systems primarily consist of:

- A High Pressure pump
- Change Over Valve
- Dual Line Metering Devices / Distributors (Optional Individual Monitoring
- End-Of-Line Monitoring Assembly
- Electrical Control Panel
- Appropriate Tubing, Fittings, Valves and Gauges

The modular design and the wide range of LINCOLN products enable optimum designing of the lubrication systems best suited to your requirement.

The system, as the name suggests features two lines - the pressure line and relief line - which connect the central high pressure pump with the change over valve, and from there the two main lines are connected to the lubrication points with appropriate tubing and fittings, each main line being fed with lubricant in alternate cycles. The end-of-line monitoring devices are situated at the end of the longest main line and monitor the lubricant supply to all connected points. The change over process is triggered by the system pressure detected by the end-of-line assembly (in case of an electrically operated change over valve) or by change over valve setting (in case of a hydraulically operated change over valve).

* Optional individual points monitoring.      
* High pressure system design, ensuring:
    -  Maintained lubricant quality even at high temperatures.
    -  Reduced initial grease fill by 80-90% and reduced residual grease in.the system. 
    -  Faster, shorter cycles, resulting in better lubrication. 
    -  Capability of handling high bearing back pressure. 
    -  Easy expansion possibilities.
    -  Capability to handle greases of higher consistency (upto NLGI 2).
* Wide range of pumps, change over valves and distributor devices to meet the 
  requirements of different power sources and different bearing sizes. 
* Modular design enables economical and optimum system design. 
* Virtually maintenance free.
Steel and other Metallurgical Hot & Cold Rolling Mils, Blast Furnaces, Electric Arc Furnaces, Walking Beam Furnaces, Continuous Casting Plants, Sintering Plants, Coke Oven Batteries, and Material Handling Equipment.
Material Handling Industry Stacker and Reclaimers, Bucket Wheel Excavators, Conveyors, Apron Feeders.
Earthmoving & Mining Shovels, Draglines, Spreaders.
Sugar Industry Sugar Mills, Crushers.
Cement Industry Coolers.