Chain Lubrication Systems

Magnetically Operated systems:

Suitable for high-speed individual chains these systems use a magnetic pump with squirt nozzles to achieve precise, target specific lubrication. using .

The gravity fed magnetically operated pump is actuated by a proximity switch sensing the chain movement and supplies pre-set quantities of oil to the squirt nozzles by the pumping elements, thus squirting a fine drop of oil on the chain.

Cobra systems:

Suitable for lubrication of chain drives and conveyors this system injects a precise, pre-set quantity of lubricant to the application points. The motion of the conveyor / chain links is sensed by the proximity switches - which actuate the pneumatic Cobra injector to latch on the link & lubricate it. After completion of the lubrication Cobra retracts to its initial position, waiting for the next cycle to begin.

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